Saturday, 10 December 2016

This weekend includes...

As always, plenty to do in Hastings and St Leonards, including, at the Lifeboat Station by the Stade today, you are invited to start "the Christmas Season with Coffee and Cake! Tea, Coffee and refreshments plus Cake Stalls! Gifts for sale and Tombola too, A Capella Group 'Now & Then' singing at 12:00, and Hastings Old Town Ukulele Group playing Christmas songs at 13:00... See the lifeboats too!" (website)

Neverland continues on the Pier, with the Snow Slide, Pirate Ship, music, fishing, and much more, including workshops, a Gingerbread competition and a Christmas Market from Sunday 11th; for full details of all that is going on see their website.

Enjoy the weekend, here's hoping the rain stays away!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Southern Rail Saga Continues...

Industrial action continues from midnight tonight, until midnight on Thursday, this time it's the RMT conductor's turn to strike, whilst Aslef drivers continue their 'work to rule' (Southern website). I give up! 

Take away the franchise so we can have decent rail services down here in Sussex!

New Kiosk, Seating et al...

I've given up waiting to post this image, the new kiosk just on the seafront, at the end of the America Ground, to the left, as you look at the photograph, is a new wooden staircase down to the beach, where tons of enormous (Norwegian, I have been advised) rocks are being shaped into 2 groynes! At the public presentation at the White Rock Hotel in June last year (link to relevant blog) I was told that this would be an 'information' kiosk, but artist designs around during the many months this was being constructed appeared to show food and beverages being sold, we'll see...

I had really wanted to wait until this seating, in front of the old baths/Source Park, was available to the public, but, what the heck...

Friday, 2 December 2016

2-4 December, another packed weekend!

This evening, and tomorrow and Sunday evenings, from 5pm to 8pm, sees the Hastings Old Town Traders present 3 Nights of Christmas; for more details see events page.

Now in its third year, Hastings Illustration Festival (HiFest) will be taking place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 2016 (11am to 6pm) in a new venue, The Printworks at 14 Claremont; see website for full details.

And lots more as usual, including, on the Pier:

Neverland at Christmas continues, the Snow Slide, Fishing from the Pier, the Pirate Ship, the Hastings Pier Festive Trail, a Vintage and Retro Indoor Market this Saturday and Sunday, you can now buy christmas trees on the Pier too, and, of course, you can promenade on the Pier; further details at their website.

Have fun!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Southern Rail and Christmas Conflict!

Following on from the RMT resting back on industrial action, but with Aslef joining the affray, now Southern aren't entering the Christmas 'spirit' that RMT are, but they appear to be seeking to escalate industrial action in our region, as in, they have decided to take to the Courts to attack the newcomer to the conflict, ie Aslef' and its separate industrial action (see the BBC). When will they ever learn? 

Oh no, I forgot, the Government are supporting Southern to beat the unions (see my previous blog, nearly 4 months ago); obviously they don't give a toss for us customers!