Friday, 21 October 2016

A much quieter weekend to come...

Well, it'll be a much quieter weekend than of late, though the fireworks last Saturday could have been much more impressive, as weather conditions meant that some of the more spectacular fireworks available couldn't be set off, oh dear... The trains should be back to their usual self, as in, just unreliable rather than rare, and the regular attractions remain, of course, eg museums, parks, castle, aquarium, etc etc... and music et al in pubs like the Dolphin Inn, for example, Friday and Saturday evenings, and the Pier:

From the Pier you can fish all weekend, with the required bookings, of course, all day plus night fishing tonight (Friday) and Saturday; see my earlier blog regarding more complete details. In addition, the Pier is hosting exhibitions and family science workshops over the weekend, see their website

Whatever you do, have a good weekend!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Another 3 days of rail turmoil.

More industrial action commenced today and continues until Thursday (20th) 23.59 hours, or may as well say midnight. There does appear to be a rail replacement service (buses) so travelling on Southern won't be as bad, though Southeastern Railway must be doing well out of the fall out...

See the Southern website for further details and good luck if travelling today, and it looks like a bus if you're going to the Brighton & Hove Albion match this evening!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Full English Breakfasts in the Old Town

I've already written about Full English Breakfasts across the town, from west of St Leonards to the east of Iceland, and thought it was about time to delve into breakfasts in the Old Town, which do come on as a wee bit more expensive, as I expected. First to the Land of Green Ginger in the High Street, where a Full English Breakfast costs £9.50, no drink included, the pot of tea for one is £1.80, so £11.30 in all...

Very nicely presented, and very tasty, thank you, and, for your money you get 1 very nice herby sausage (from a nearby source apparently), 2 thick rashers of flavoursome bacon, 2 fried eggs, either sauteed potatoes or bubble & squeak (I went for the sauteed), baked beans, a tomato cut in half lightly cooked, I'd have preferred more mushrooms but OK, and 2 slices of white or wholemeal toast. Overall I'd give it 8/10 for decent quality particularly.

My second foray into the Old Town was in George Street this time, at The Green Cafe, where my breakfast cost a wee bit more, but this time included a pot of tea (I could have had coffee instead), and came to £10.50, so cheaper...

I do like the interior of this cafe, you can see why it's called The Green Cafe, everything matches, and I'm always a sucker for ceramic tiles! Anyway, the Full English Breakfast...

Again, a very decent sausage, which, for me (as I've said before) is a very important part of the meal, 2 good rashers of bacon, half a cooked tomato, 2 fried eggs (I always asked for fried, for research purposes!), 4 very nicely cooked decent sized mushrooms, potato rosti, hash brown, baked beans, a slice of toast, and the pot of tea. Another 8/10 scored!

It was difficult to say one was better than the other, indeed, both were very good... though the Land of Green Ginger, for example, had the better bread for toast, but The Green Cafe had the much better mushrooms, so that just shades my decision...

Though, not so far away, at the end of George Street, on Marine Parade at the seafront, Taylor's provides you with, maybe not quite so much food, but for half the price, and still very decent quality; see my blog from earlier in the year, and I shall have a look at seafront cafes next, so will likely re-visit Taylor's, I hate this job, shame it's not paid!

The Bonfire and Fireworks: a few photographs...

Borrowed from facebook, consequently, shared all over the place, so I can't be sure who posted them, but many thanks to the individuals concerned. Anyway, the Longboat above.

Fireworks, and there were a lot! 

The end of the Longboat!

Nearly cleared up! (My image)

Red Footed Booby Update:

The RSPCA has got back to me and reported that the Red Footed Booby, featured in my earlier blogs in September, following his appearance on St Leonard's Beach, is "doing really well... We're organising for him to head back home at the moment!"

So, he will be returning the 6,000 miles home very soon, a happy ending to this story!